Back Office Trust Drafting

*7-Day Turnaround*

The Process

Step 1.  Schedule a Set Up Call.  During this one hour call we will review your design template (or create one for you if you don't have one) to make sure all the information needed to draft a plan is being captured in a time-efficient manner.  It typically takes an attorney about 15 minutes to complete a design template versus writing pages of notes.  Templates still allow the flexibilty of customizing documents to meet client's goals.  It simply organizes the process to improve accuracy and reduce back and forth questions.  During this call we also review your software program to note any preferences or custom language you require in your documents.  It is not unusual for attorneys to have a few 'extra' documents they need prepared that are not inside of their drafting software.  No problem...we've got your back! Schedule here:

Step 2.  Handle the legal stuff.  After your Set Up Call we will provide you a Services Agreement to review and sign, along with a Confidentiality Agreement stating we will adhere to your confidentiality requirements.  And we'll set up your payment and billing preferences.  We accept checks or credit card.

Step 3.  Set up Access.  If you use a cloud-based drafting program we will help you set up our access to your system.  If you use ForeTrust we already have it installed and are ready to roll!  We will also set up a sharing portal of your preference to share documents in. (Dropbox, Clio, Box, etc.)  If you draft in Wealth Docx or Elder Docx we will need to schedule a free, one-hour software set up call to go through your general drafting preferences.  

Step 4.  Submit a plan for drafting.  Once you meet with a client and complete your design template, email or fax it to  We will confirm receipt. (If you don't have a design form we can provide you with one.)

Step 5.  Review for missing information.  Not that you would ever send in an incomplete design template...but just in case, we review all incoming plans within 48 business hours.  If we do have a question or need any more information, we'll let you know while the design is still fresh in your mind!  

Step 6.  Draft it!  By the 7th business day, we'll notify you that your drafts are ready.  We will either save them on your computer or email a secure link to you to download them - whichever your preference is.  We'll itemize any areas we customized the document to meet your design goals so you have a checklist of the modified sections.