*7-Day Turnaround*
Back Office Trust Drafting

Ever had that stressed out day where you are printing a trust plan minutes before the client walks in the door?  Or that late night where you are drafting a plan until the midnight hour after a long day of meetings when you should be spending time with your family?  Or did your assistant quit and now you are dropping the ball on promises to clients?  Too often these are the stories I hear from attorneys I know.  Let go of the stress and the worry.  Learn how using Back Office Drafting Services, LLC can benefit you.

Keep your cash flow consistent by knowing your documents will be ready within 7 business days.  

Pay only when you need our services versus increasing your overhead with a new salary.

Benefit from para-professionals with years of experience for a fraction of what it would cost you to employ them. 

Systemize your drafting process so you aren't stuck trying to 'remember' the client's wishes weeks later.

We don't call in sick, go on vacation, get too busy or quit.  We turn documents around in 7 days - every time.

We are plug and play.  Already trained and ready to draft.

Temporary help if your drafter is on maternity leave, has surgery or you are in between hires.