Who We Are


​Our drafting team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals.  Each team member is not only proficient in a variety of drafting software programs but has worked in-house in a law firm.  This allows each team member to understand your perspective, as the law firm, and how important it is to provide accurate documents to clients in a timely fashion.  

Our founder, Laney Lyons-Richardson, has over 15 years experience in the estate planning industry.  After managing an estate planning law firm for 12 years, she continued on to train law firm teams across the country in estate planning processes, hiring and team building, and start two successful businesses.  She has provided back office trust drafting services to attorneys for over 5 years.  In addition, she co-authored Don't Be a Yes Chick and is the co-founder of The Ultimate Smart Solution, LLC teaching team members how to support an entrepreneur.  Her expertise in not only drafting but creating systems and streamlining processes can help you make your drafting process a seamless, painless part of your practice. 

The Drafting Team

Sandie Vedder is a paralegal with over 14 years experience drafting estate planning and other legal documents.  Her meticulous attention to detail and deadlines allows her to always complete an accurate estate plan within our 5-day Turnaround Guarantee.

Venus Nelson is a legal secretary with over 4 years experience drafting trust and will plans. Her ability to understand the legal documents and plan design, versus just doing data entry, is an invaluable part of our drafting team's review process.  She serves as a second set of eyes for consistency and accuracy.

*5-Day Turnaround Guarantee*
Back Office Trust Drafting

meet the Drafting team

Laney Lyons-Richardson