Benefits of Using Back Office Drafting Services


Keep your cash flow consistent knowing your documents will be ready within 7 days.  

Benefit from para-professionals with years of experience for a fraction of what it would cost you to employ them. And only pay when you have a client.

Systemize your drafting process so you aren't stuck trying to 'remember' the client's wishes weeks later.


7-Day Turn Around

Documents are drafted in 7 business days so you can keep your cash flow consistent..  

Cost Effective

Only pay for services when you need them versus increasing your overhead with a salary.

Back Office Trust Drafting

*7-Day Turnaround*

Experienced Drafters

We are already trained!  Our team has over 33 years collective experience drafting. We are trained in Wealth Docx, Elder Docx, Planning Pro, ForeTrust!, ProDocs and LWP-CCS.

No System No Problem

We help you systemize your drafting process to save you time and minimize questions while still allowing customizations and control.